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Delphi in Depth: FireDAC Delphi in Depth: FireDAC eBook ´ Delphi in Kindle - delphi ebok, depth: epub, firedac free, Delphi in epub, Delphi in Depth: FireDACDelphi in Depth: FireDAC MOBIDelphi in Depth FireDAC Learn how to connect to a wide variety of databases Optimize your connection configurations Explore the world of indexes, searches, and filters Discover the power of persisted datasets Create flexible queries using macros and FireDAC scalar functions Achieve blazing performance with Array DML Master the art of cached updates Add sophisticated features using Local SQL Requires RAD Studio XE Professional or Delphi XE Professional Delphi in Kindle - or higher Appropriate for novice to advanced Delphi database developers More information is at.