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  1. Margaret Houston Margaret Houston says:

    Martyr Kindle ✓ Hardcover martyr pdf, MartyrMartyr ePUBA decently paced historical mystery, set during the crisis of 1587 1588 That s about all the praise I can give it WHY do all the heroes of these sorts of novels ALWAYS have to fall into the mold of the one person in a prejudiced society who has 21st century notions of religious tolerance Couldn t we, just once, have a hero who actually BELONGS to his time, who, say, believes in Walsingham wholeheartedly and believes that Catholics are not just following their conscience as best they kno

  2. Dawn Dawn says:

    Martyr Kindle ✓ Hardcover martyr pdf, MartyrMartyr ePUBI do like this era and the idea was good, I just don t think Clements managed to pull it off.John Shakespeare is an investigator for Walsingham, charged with keeping Sir Francis Drake from being assassinated and rooting out any Catholic plots against the queen Fellow investigator and rival Topcliffe always seems to be just ahead of Shakespeare in the investigation, using his brutal methods to get the answers he wants from the victims and perpetrators.There were two things that jumped out at me from the start First I felt the characters were a bit one dimensional and t

  3. Terri Terri says:

    Martyr Kindle ✓ Hardcover martyr pdf, MartyrMartyr ePUBDidn t quite end up how I expected For half of the book I was thinking four stars It had ambiance, colourful characters and I really felt the Tudor world But the back half of the book was a little disjointed and mashed together I am yet to find a Medieval mystery series that I enjoy as much as the C J Sansom series I have tried a

  4. Susanna - Censored by Susanna - Censored by says:

    Martyr Kindle ✓ Hardcover martyr pdf, MartyrMartyr ePUBGood grasp on historical details Hero has a touch of the only modern man syndrome, however.For further review

  5. Wolf Wolf says:

    Martyr Kindle ✓ Hardcover martyr pdf, MartyrMartyr ePUBThere are some books that never quite escape the shadow of the books that inspired them Here it is hard to escape the feeling that C.J Sanson s Shardlake books were not just an important inspiration, their success was, for the publisher at least, the real reason behind this book Even the one word title seems designed to evoke Sansom s oh so successful formula But Clements novel is nothing like as well done.Whilst not badly written, the characters are essentially flat and appear too obviously to be driven by the demands of the plot rather than any inner life The central character, John Shakespeare, can be shrewd or dim depending on the author s needs Clues are scattered through the book , it seems, because the plot demands them than for any particularly credible reason None of which need necessarily matter, if the plot itself is sufficiently ingenious or thrilli

  6. C.W. C.W. says:

    Martyr Kindle ✓ Hardcover martyr pdf, MartyrMartyr ePUBMARTYR by Rory Clements, a novel set in the later years of Elizabeth I s reign, introduces us to the intelligencer John Shakespeare, older brother of the playwright While investigating the brutal murder of a noblewoman, Shakespeare finds himself drawn into an assasination plot against Sir Francis Drake and the hunt for a deadly Jesuit what he discovers shakes his belief in himself and the world around him.Mr Clements excels in his debut While he can write spine tingling action with flair, his best asset is his ability to render believable, flawed characters, as well as the complexities of a society torn apart by religious discord, poverty, and greed Highly r

  7. Abigail Abigail says:

    Martyr Kindle ✓ Hardcover martyr pdf, MartyrMartyr ePUBThe queen s cousin is found murdered in an unlikely place and in a terrible way Spymaster Walsingham calls on his lieutenant John Shakespeare to solve the mystery Shakespeare follows clues and red herrings and uncovers conspiracy.I was rather underwhelmed It looked exciting, it s a time period I enjoy reading about and I like a good mystery The historical aspect was very well done hence the 3 stars instead of 2 and interesting, the mystery, not so much There was just too much trying to be contained in this story making the eventual reveal fall very flat with me I frankly just didn t care any A few twists and turns and added clues are usually good, but Martyr was making me feel like a martyr for trying to understand where all of the story was going.This book just could have been much tighter, there was too much of it Also John Shakespeare himself felt very boring to me I was much entertained by the multitude of side characters Granted, much of th

  8. Karen Karen says:

    Martyr Kindle ✓ Hardcover martyr pdf, MartyrMartyr ePUBWhat I learned from this book is that I won t be rushing out to get the next one in future I ll wait for a new Matthew Shardlake

  9. Penny (Literary Hoarders) Penny (Literary Hoarders) says:

    Martyr Kindle ✓ Hardcover martyr pdf, MartyrMartyr ePUBI was in the mood for a meaty historical thriller, and I wanted to listen to it too I did start out in audio Simon Vance was great, will certainly look for narrated by him, I know he has an extensive library but my connection in the car worked against me every day I have the paperback so I finished it that way I really liked John Shakespeare s character and I ll continue reading this series I liked it a lot I think I have the next in the series at home I think

  10. Daniella Bernett Daniella Bernett says:

    Martyr Kindle ✓ Hardcover martyr pdf, MartyrMartyr ePUBAn intriguing spy mystery full of foreboding Rory Clements creates an authentic atmosphere The reader feels as if he or she is wandering the dark streets of Elizabethan London John Shakespeare is a likeable character I look forward to reading the other books in this series.

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Martyr Martyr Kindle ✓ Hardcover martyr pdf, MartyrMartyr ePUBIn this ingenious debut, Rory Clements introduces John Shakespeare, Elizabethan England s most remarkable investigator, and delivers a tale of murder and conspiracy that succeeds brilliantly as both historical fiction and a crime thriller In a burnt out house, one of Queen Elizabeth s aristocratic cousins is found murdered, her young flesh marked with profane symbols At the same time, a plot to assassinate Sir Francis Drake, England s most famous sea warrior, is discovered, a plot which, if successful, could leave the country utterly defenseless against a Spanish invasion It s , the Queen s reign is in jeopardy, and one man is charged with the desperate task of solving both cases John Shakespeare With the Spanish Armada poised to strike, Mary Queen of Scots awaiting execution, and the pikes above London Bridge decorated with the grim evidence of treachery, the country is in peril of being overwhelmed by fear and chaos Following a trail of illicit passions and family secrets, Shakespeare travels through an underworld of spies, sorcerers, whores, and theater people, among whom is his own younger brother, the struggling playwright, Will Shadowed by his rival, the Queen s chief torturer, who employs his own methods of terror, Shakespeare begins to piece together a complex and breathtaking conspiracy whose implications are almost too horrific to contemplate For a zealous and cunning killer is stalking England s streets And as Shakespeare threatens to reveal a madman s shocking identity, he and the beautiful woman he desires come ever closer to becoming the next martyrs to a passion for murder and conspiracy whose terrifying consequences might still be felt today.