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Synergy Paperback é Synergy PDF/EPUB ✓ synergy free, SynergySynergy MOBIA designed beauty of synergy is that it serves only to add, never subtract By definition, it means that the combined interaction of parts creates an effect greater than the sum of the parts Individuals are the parts I am an odd little part I don t look normal I appear to be quite messed up and a prime candidate for nothing but pity and patronization with a sprinkling of repulsion and fear I am disguised as a poor thinker I am a poster child for synergy I am designed to aid in making evident the implicit need for a group effort in order to yield maximum returns Synergy is the byproduct of giving Without synergistic support from normals say, if I were simply warehoused I would end up merely consuming resources With a little help OK, a lot of help from connected normals I may add to our collective body of knowledge, perspectives, and insights that have receded from the working memory of many It is in our best interest to remember that we are all the same People are flecks of God Each God fragment dispersed through space time has a slightly different shape One shape is not superior to another All are necessary to complete the perfect, infinite, God puzzle To be proud that one tolerates diversity is ludicrous The whole system is the sum of its parts Be your part Connect with other parts and the God puzzle is revealed.

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About the Author: Barb Rentenbach

Paperback é Synergy PDF/EPUB ✓ synergy free, SynergySynergy MOBIBarb Rentenbach is a writer and advocate for people with disabilities She is an impassioned presenter concerning Autism, Social Justice, Teacher Training, and Communication Barb continues rigorous self education to develop her writing and speaking in order to champion others She helped create Greater Living Institute GLI a non profit organization designed to serve bright adolescents and adults with disabilities Barb is the co founder and CEO of Mule and Muse Productions, LLC She co wrote I Might Be You An Exploration of Autism and Connection and Neurodiversity A Humorous and Practical Guide to Living with ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Dyslexia, the Gays, and Everyone Else with Lois Prislovsky, PhD.

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  1. Peggy Peggy says:

    Paperback é Synergy PDF/EPUB ✓ synergy free, SynergySynergy MOBIincredible glimpse into an autistic brain barb is able to communicate what it s like to be autistic, and to describe the challenges she faces to be able to communicate with normals Her unique perspective really challenged my preconceived ideas of who she was, and her place in the world barb is a very special soul read it, it ll be good for everyone.

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