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  1. Cleo Cleo says:

    Attraction ePUB ✓ attraction book, AttractionAttraction PDFLove this author I don t know why Linn Young gave up writing but I wish she would find her way back I ve read all of her books Her detailed description of an Alpha male is everything it s suppose to be She s the Diana Palmer but a lot spicier

  2. Vienna Marie Vienna Marie says:

    Attraction ePUB ✓ attraction book, AttractionAttraction PDFvery slow paced.

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Attraction Attraction ePUB ✓ attraction book, AttractionAttraction PDFRiley Calderon felt that Heron Wait wasn t good enough for sister, Roberta She felt that Heron with his superior attitude of a man used to wealth and power knew little of how to make a gentle, kind hearted woman like her sister happy So, when Roberta unexpectedly elopes with Heron s brother, Heron puts the blame squarely on RileyUnexpectedly, the animosity between Riley and Heron turnes to sexual attraction that sweeps them into a searing affair However, Heron decides to use Riley by turning her into his mistress Unable to control her physical need for him, she accepts and enters into the affair knowing that Heron has no intention of being in a long term relationship with herWhat Heron doesn t realize is that sexual attraction as strong as the one between him and Riley cannot be so easily dismissed, nor can he ignore the tulmultuous emotions that arise between themShipping Email Format PDF Word Count Approx , PriceSex Rating Very Explicit.