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The Box Kindle Edition é The Box PDF ✓ The BoxThe Box PDF/EPUB For a thousand years the galaxy has been ravaged by war between those who cherish their biological bodies and those who have abandoned them for immortality inside machines called Boxes On board a single command module, a half dozen commanders control billions of robotic soldiers and ships They are highly trained and intelligent people, but each follows their own path in fulfilling the purpose of their flesh When an opportunity arises to capture an enemy Box, they rush across the galaxy into the maelstrom of warBut capturing the Box is only the beginning Once on board, the crew struggles to decide what they should do with the war s first prisoner Is humanity than a body Is life only possible if it can die As they struggle to answer these questions, their command module begins to malfunction, threatening their very lives as they race to unveil the mystery of the Box.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 221
  • The Box
  • Ryan Bohl
  • English
  • 03 October 2019
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About the Author: Ryan Bohl

Kindle Edition é The Box PDF ✓ The BoxThe Box PDF/EPUB Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Ryan Bohl spent five years in the Persian Gulf during the Arab Spring He is fascinated by the effects of great events on individuals and sees civilization as an absurd attempt to put to order that which is inherently chaos He currently lives in New York City with his wife.

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  1. Sue Bohl Sue Bohl says:

    Kindle Edition é The Box PDF ✓ The BoxThe Box PDFEPUBI watched the Jon Stewart show when Michio Kaku, author of the Future of the Mind discussed his new book last week Many of the ethical questions raised by successful scientific research about the brain, the conscious and unconscious mind, personality, memory, even the

  2. Jodie Jodie says:

    Kindle Edition é The Box PDF ✓ The BoxThe Box PDFEPUBThe character development and action in this book are engaging I kept reading as I wanted to know where this story would go Science fiction is not my usual genre, but I found this to be intriguing and worth the read I will say that the ending left me wanting , and I suppose that is a good element for any story.

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