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Dietland Hardcover é Dietland MOBI ✓ dietland epub, DietlandDietland PDF/EPUBThe diet revolution is here And it s armed Plum Kettle does her best not to be noticed, because when you re fat, to be noticed is to be judged Or mocked Or worse With her job answering fan mail for a popular teen girls magazine, she is biding her time until her weight loss surgery Only then can her true life as a thin person finally begin Then, when a mysterious woman starts following her, Plum finds herself falling down a rabbit hole and into an underground community of women who live life on their own terms There Plum agrees to a series of challenges that force her to deal with her past, her doubts, and the real costs of becoming beautiful At the same time, a dangerous guerrilla group called Jennifer begins to terrorize a world that mistreats women, and as Plum grapples with her personal struggles, she becomes entangled in a sinister plot The consequences are explosive Dietland is a bold, original, and funny debut novel that takes on the beauty industry, gender inequality, and our weight loss obsession from the inside out, and with fists flying.

  • Hardcover
  • 320
  • Dietland
  • Sarai Walker
  • English
  • 11 October 2018
  • 9780544373433

About the Author: Sarai Walker

Hardcover é Dietland MOBI ✓ dietland epub, DietlandDietland PDF/EPUBSarai Walker received her MFA in creative writing from Bennington College As a magazine writer, her articles appeared in national publications, including Seventeen and Mademoiselle She subsequently served as an editor and writer for Our Bodies, Ourselves, before moving to London and Paris to complete a PhD She currently lives in the New York City area Dietland is her first novel.

10 thoughts on “Dietland

  1. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Shelby *trains flying monkeys* says:

    Hardcover é Dietland MOBI ✓ dietland epub, DietlandDietland PDFEPUBBefore I go all ranty and piss everyone off, I will say the first part of this book is really good.Plum is overweight That pretty much defines this girls life She keeps telling herself that her real life will begin as soon as she has weight loss surgery and becomes thin Of course, that s bullshit But it s what society has taught Plum to feel about herself.She works from her computer for a teen fashion magazine, giving advice to young girls who write the editor of the magazine Dear Kitty, Dear Kitty handles some of a girls life issues that are pretty hard subjects Plum handles them in a way that made me love her character.at first.You get the past life that made Plum who she is from growing up in a house that a famous actress had lived at Plum felt she was always on display to the tourist sneaking pictures and her try at the weight loss clinic The weight loss guru who started the program lost weight after having a child

  2. Liz Liz says:

    Hardcover é Dietland MOBI ✓ dietland epub, DietlandDietland PDFEPUBIt is jarring to me how many reviews of this book state that people liked the storyline about Plum when she was starving herself, hiding and ashamed of her weight, waiting for the day that she would one day be thin, but that once the book delved into some deep feminist terrorism territory, with the main character finally being able to lash out against the society that made her ashamed of who she was in the first place, Plum is then considered unlikable I think

  3. Rachel Watkins Rachel Watkins says:

    Hardcover é Dietland MOBI ✓ dietland epub, DietlandDietland PDFEPUBThis is not the book you think it is This is not a book about a fat girl This is not a book about dieting This is a book about societal change This is a manifesto that should be read by every feminist, no matter their gender This is a book that must be discussed DIETLAND is disturbing It s supposed to be and it s brilliant.

  4. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    Hardcover é Dietland MOBI ✓ dietland epub, DietlandDietland PDFEPUBEarlier this year a company called Protein World launched this advert in the London Undergroundand over 50,000 women signed a petition calling for it to be banned for body shaming and it was banned The posters were defaced with many rude words Other protestors offered alternative versions of beautyWell, seeing as to how this is the Planet Earth and not the Planet Disney, you won t be surprised to learn that sales of Protein World s Weight Loss Collection products took off like a rocket after all the bad publicity But that s by the bye So, you don t h

  5. Dee Dee says:

    Hardcover é Dietland MOBI ✓ dietland epub, DietlandDietland PDFEPUBAn overweight, ridiculed and insecure woman types away on her laptop at a cafe, writing advice to readers of a girl s magazine, before she notices that a punky type in bright tights and combat boots is watching and following her Will this obese woman, whose short life has been defined by calories and diets, be pulled into some kind of underground, feminist commune, and what will she do and learn The first few chapters pulled me in, especially after I read that this was considered a feminist novel by an author versed in that tradition It planted me into a place I hardly ever explored the mind of an obese woman It exposed a few anti feminist notions of mine that I didn t know I had I was often dubious about efforts to get obese women to love their bodies, because wasn t that encouraging unhealthy lifestyles It was ok for me to accept my own, however, even though it was kept skinny partly through coffee and cigarettes I also thought if women claimed that d

  6. Thomas Thomas says:

    Hardcover é Dietland MOBI ✓ dietland epub, DietlandDietland PDFEPUBThis book captured the glorious feminist spirit I wanted The Power to have but did not In Dietland we follow 300 pound Plum Kettle, a fat woman who does her best to go unnoticed All her life, people have judged, excluded, and harassed her because of her weight So while she works her day job answering fan mail for a teen girls magazine, she waits for the day of her weight l

  7. Ilyssa Wesche Ilyssa Wesche says:

    Hardcover é Dietland MOBI ✓ dietland epub, DietlandDietland PDFEPUBYeah that s right five mother effing stars This book spoke to me for the obvious reason but I loved it beyond that The two story lines worked so nicely together, and all of it made me think about what was happening between the lines of the book even when I wasn t reading Time to buy some colorful tights

  8. Theresa Theresa says:

    Hardcover é Dietland MOBI ✓ dietland epub, DietlandDietland PDFEPUBDietland by Sarai Walker was one of my favorite novels I read last year This book is tasty, wicked, bizarre, disturbing, and highly entertaining The protagonist of Dietland is a 300 pound woman named Alicia Plum Kettle Plum has lived a life of extreme self hatred and loneliness She doe

  9. Reed Reed says:

    Hardcover é Dietland MOBI ✓ dietland epub, DietlandDietland PDFEPUBI completely disagree with all the reviews in which readers hated the second half of the book OMG, the Jennifer activities terrorist group IS the point Also disagree that the characters are unlikable I was rooting for the women in Calliope House all the way How can you not love Sana If the book had simply addressed Plum and the fat issues, it would have been a much comfortable book The subversion lies in the domestic terrorism being aimed at men, instead of at women which is routine That s what makes it uncomfortable and, I would guess, why some readers hated it This is definitely not a bo

  10. Hannah Hannah says:

    Hardcover é Dietland MOBI ✓ dietland epub, DietlandDietland PDFEPUBOnce in a decade, a novel comes along with the potential to alter our perception of reality, to change how we see ourselves and to reveal new possibilities in how we can live lives of joy and freedom For many readers, Sarai Walker s debut novel Dietland may be just that.I am someone who rates reading right up there with breathing, eating, and loving, and who begins and ends her day with a book in her hand But for me, the experience of reading Dietland has been something altogether new and different Dietland begin

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