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  1. Maja (The Nocturnal Library) Maja (The Nocturnal Library) says:

    Rebellion Epub ✓ Hardcover rebellion mobile, RebellionRebellion KindleAlmost three years have passed since the release of Revelations, the previous book in J A Souders Elysium chronicles trilogy, but loyal fans haven t forgotten Evie, Gavin or Asher Renegade gave us a chance to explore a gorgeous underwater view with a very dark side, and Revelations really developed our three main characters and set them on a dangerous path In Rebellion, Evie, Gavin and Asher are back in Elysium, fighting Mother with the help of Father and his Underground Mother is fighting back with all her considerable strength and she always seems to be one step ahead It s difficult to fight someone who is endlessly cruel Whatever Evie does, Mother rewards with a public execution of someone the Underground cares for Evie s still miss

  2. Amberly Amberly says:

    Rebellion Epub ✓ Hardcover rebellion mobile, RebellionRebellion KindleUmmWTF just happened Right from the start we are dropped in the action And I ll be honest, I was completely lost It has been awhile since I read the first two books Though I remember quite a bit, I don t remember everything Usually, I re read the prior books before jumping in, but I figured I could get away with not doing that this time since I was excited for the conclusion That was the wrong decision to make Even after finishing the book, I am still lost on certain things that happened Am I missing major chunks of information or were they missing altogether But plowing through my mass confusion, I really enjoyed this book for the most part I think we really got to see Evie and Gavin as people rather than just characters in a book Evie s constant indecision and fear of stepping up as a leader were nice, human touches As is standard with any YA dystopian trilogy, we get to see the take down of the villain Evie s actions co

  3. Nancy The book junkie Nancy The book junkie says:

    Rebellion Epub ✓ Hardcover rebellion mobile, RebellionRebellion KindleRating 2.75 5Review coming soon

  4. Shelley Shelley says:

    Rebellion Epub ✓ Hardcover rebellion mobile, RebellionRebellion KindleSource Publisher Genre Young Adult, Science Fiction Rating 3.5 My Thoughts Rebellion is the third and final installment in author J.A Souders The Elysium Chronicles Evelyn Evie Winters has broken free of Mother s mind control manipulations and joined with the rebellion It is now time for Evie to be the leader that the rebellion and those who know about Mother s past believes she can be After all, Evie was not only trained to be one of Mother s enforcers, but was also labeled as the Daughter of the People Who else can understand Mother s machinations better than those on the inside Full Review Gizmos Reviews 07 14 2016 publication July 12th 2016 by Tor Teen

  5. Nicole Nicole says:

    Rebellion Epub ✓ Hardcover rebellion mobile, RebellionRebellion KindleThat wasn t a good twist That wasn t clever That was a big fuck you to the readers Even without that ending the book really wasn t that great Two star read is what I was thinking while I was reading And then that ending Why did I read this book What was the point Why does this book even exist That was an actual waste of time Forget one star I want stars back from this book.

  6. Saiokuo Saiokuo says:

    Rebellion Epub ✓ Hardcover rebellion mobile, RebellionRebellion KindleSeries in a nutshell Bioshock aimed at a YA crowd with a prominent romance subplot and marginally less splicers.Rating without the final chapter 3.5 starsRating with the final chapter 1 starYeah The final chapter is really that bad So here s the thing about twist endings they re really hard to pull off well A good twist ending will change the entire experience up to that point and cause the reader to reflect on how this new information changes what happened The twist ending here simply view spoiler negates the entire book we just read It s as if the author went that s an idea for how I could have ended it but why don t you come up with your own Yeah that s great and all, but coming up with the ending for your

  7. Jaime (Two Chicks on Books) Jaime (Two Chicks on Books) says:

    Rebellion Epub ✓ Hardcover rebellion mobile, RebellionRebellion KindleI have waited so long to read this finale and was excited when the publisher sent me a copy for review I was hoping for a brilliant finish but I m sad to say while most of the story was really good the end fell short I am underwhelmed and sad

  8. Fallon Fallon says:

    Rebellion Epub ✓ Hardcover rebellion mobile, RebellionRebellion Kindle like 4.5

  9. Haley Haley says:

    Rebellion Epub ✓ Hardcover rebellion mobile, RebellionRebellion Kindle3.5 starsRebellion is the finale to the Elysium trilogy If you are unfamiliar with the series, it s set in an under water sea colony that used to be a resort, but then a woman who calls herself mother killed her father, the owner and took over Evie is her daughter, but not by birth Evie keeps getting her memories erased There s a boy named Gavin who comes from the surface and romance happens

  10. Hannah Hannah says:

    Rebellion Epub ✓ Hardcover rebellion mobile, RebellionRebellion Kindle2 starsI really wanted to like this last book of the series and hoped really hard that it would be better than Revelations, slower and duller than I had expected I was drawn in by the interesting premise, but it just went downhill as the series went on Even though the rebellion storyline wasn t exactly all that original, it wasn t that poorly executed and I was fine until I reached the end.I don t know what everyone else learned in school, but one of the first lessons I learned about essay writing is that a suref

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Rebellion Rebellion Epub ✓ Hardcover rebellion mobile, RebellionRebellion KindleHome, at last, in the isolated underwater city of Elysium, Evie has finally found her true self hidden under layers and layers of false memories implanted by the woman she knew as Mother Thanks to the intervention of her father, she knows the horrible truth about Mother and her insidious plans for the cityWith the help of the love of her life, Gavin, and her best friend, Asher St James, Evie is determined to free her people from the cruel dictatorship of Mother s laws But how do you free people who don t know they need rescuing Working with the growing Underground rebellion, Evie tries to remove Mother from her position by force with disastrous results As the body count rises, Evie must find a way to save Elysium before Mother destroys them all.