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Forgiveness  (Discourses in Metapsychiatry Series) Paperback ð Forgiveness PDF/EPUB ✓ forgiveness pdf, discourses download, metapsychiatry free, series book, Forgiveness (Discourses in Metapsychiatry Series)Forgiveness EpubDiscourses in Metapsychiatry is a series of twelve titles discussing theimplications of spiritual values for psychotherapy and health ingeneral In Forgiveness Dr Thomas Hora comments on the nature offorgiveness, compassion, compulsions and healing the past Dr Horaaddresses the evolution of seeing, the eye of wisdom and meditation andmind fastingAbout The Author Thomas Hora, whose counseling practice in New York City spanned close tofifty years, was a brilliant psychiatrist, a God centered spiritualseeker, and a pioneer researcher of consciousness His work makes alasting contribution to the fields of psychiatry, religion andmetaphysics Dr Hora s compassion for human suffering inspired him toseek beyond conventional medical practices for the healing of illnesses,mental disorders, problems and difficulties Observing as a psychiatristthat traditional forms of treatment did not always make a patient well,he began to explore spiritually enlightened teachings to uncover whatknowledge lay within them which could bring individuals to healing andsalvation in the here and now He discovered a system of thought and amethodology which was born out of his deep understanding of human natureand out of a devoted search for the truth Gradually, he transcended thepractice of traditional psychiatry as he came to see that the solutionsto all problems physical, emotional, mental, experiential are foundin the realm of the spiritual, in other words, solely in the context ofGod, which is perfect Love, perfect Intelligence, and perfect Life.

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