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Wes Hardin's Gun Wes Hardin's Gun MOBI Ú Wes Hardin's Epub / hardin's mobile, Wes Hardin's book, Wes Hardin's GunWes Hardin's Gun MOBIThe ad readThe one and only JEFFERSON HEWITT Mr Fix it himself REPAIRS Household wares, pots and pans, etc made like new, unique combination of solder and rivets Finest cabinet work and furniture restoration Locksmith PORTRAIT ARTIST Your likeness in permanent oil crayon, done in the privacy of your own home The ideal gift for your loved ones HEALING MASSAGE Jefferson Wes Hardin's Epub / Hewitt treats stiff or painful Rheumatic Joints by manipulation Painless No charge unless you are relieved of your agony THE ONE AND ONLY Many imitations, but only one JEFFERSON HEWITTJefferson Hewitt had what it took to make a good detective intelligent, tough and rootless, he knew how to make useful friends and did not mind making enemiesIt began innocently enough Private investigator Jefferson Hewitt was routinely transporting an accused murderer back to School Hill, Nebraska But when Hewitt suspects the young cowboy s innocence and attempts to investigate, he soon finds himself embroiled in the fierce and shapeless terrors of a strange and frightened town quickly unraveling at the seams The townspeople had so much to fear and to hideThere were those bloody raids by the notorious State Line Gang that seemed to appear and disappear so mysteriously Then there were those shadowy and shady alliances suspected among the city s leading figures And there were those strange goings on at the bank that threatened to put them all in jeopardyBit by bit, Jefferson Hewitt s long years of training begin to pay off as the pieces of the puzzle start to fall in place Finally, on one bitterly harsh and snowy winter night, desperation and the fear of discovery trigger a brutal turn of events that will test Hewitt s courage and skill to the utmost.