The Cleavage Accounts: The Complete Collection: Vol 1 - 10

The Cleavage Accounts: The Complete Collection: Vol 1 - 10 The Cleavage Accounts: The Complete Collection: Vol 1 - 10 cleavage book, accounts: download, complete pdf, collection: pdf, The Cleavage kindle, Accounts: The epub, The Cleavage Accounts: The Complete Collection: Vol 1 - 10Cleavage Accounts: The download, Cleavage Accounts: The Complete Collection: free, The Cleavage Accounts: The Complete Collection: Vol 1 - 10 ePUBThe complete set of The Cleavage Accounts Accounts: The Kindle Ô Vol One through Ten This does not contain any new content The Detour A sudden snowstorm causes a man to seek refuge in the home of three beautiful women with fantastic proportions The lady of the house has designs on him and would enjoy his company, only she has fantastic needs of her own Her daughters use their magic to prepare him for the task ahead Contains slow BE with huge women, male The Cleavage ePUB Â body modification, magic and MF intercourse The Condition A chance trip causes a young couple to meet and fall in love Elena has a condition that has caused her lower body to reach an amazing size and shape Now that she is with Randall, they both discover that her condition as spread to her upper body, causing her chest to grow with each passing day and meal Elena exhibits other fantastic abilities along the way Contains slow BE up to large Cleavage Accounts: The MOBI ñ sizing Weight gain, MF, FF and MFF intercourse The Familiar Charles discovers his soul mate in the form of a beautiful and mysterious young woman named Lillian Her hobbies and his line up perfectly in that the they indulge in their love for ghost hunting, the larger Lillian s bust becomes She has the power to absorb evil spirits and turn them into building blocks for her ever voluptuous body Contains BE, magic, WG, body modification and mild horror suspense elements The Client A contractor makes a house call on a breathtaking client Shan is very tall, very big and very beautiful, and she wants even Curtis discovers that Shan has lured him into her trap, but they eventually develop an understanding leading to a unique feeder relationship to push Shan to her limits Contains BE up to WOW sizing, USSBBW and science fiction elements MF intercourse Implied violence The Waitress A tired trucker stops at a highly recommended diner The chance to meet a beautiful waitress slips through his fingers and he is instead waited on by an average, but good natured woman who dotes on him Kyle learns that there is much to this woman than meets the eye as her body and features quickly change to something unbelievable Contains BE up to immense sizing, age regression, inflation and weight gain MF intercourse The Supermarket A trendy, boutique style supermarket has opened its doors in a suburb A married couple visit, and the wife is taken aback that all of the women working there are very pretty and very busty Gloria quickly assumes this is why her husband goes out of his way to shop there She wonders if a well qualified but modest chested woman like herself would be hired She is determined to find out Contains BE up to huge sizes Science Fiction elements, Body modification MF and FF intercourse The Temple A small research team is sent to investigate the claims of endless youth and beauty promised by a sacred temple The women of their group become subject to an ancient curse designed to bestow its subjects with great power to protect the secrets of the ancient shrine Contains BE up to large sizes, transformation, cursed living objects, magic MF, MFF, MFM intercourse The Corset A jilted lover discovers that a strange garment in her possession has life of its own She connects with an old flame and the two set off on an adventure infused with success from her amazing new abilities and the garment s power Contains BE, living clothes, FF, MF intercourse The Prize Amber is a plain and unremarkable person working for a large corporation Both her friend and her nemesis and her roommate are all beautiful women whom she envies.

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