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Lemon Lemon Epub ✓ Paperback lemon kindle, LemonLemon eBookLonglisted for theScotiabank Giller Prize Shortlisted for theTrillium Book Award Lemon has three mothers a biological one she s never met, her adopted father s suicidal ex, and Drew, a school principal who hasn t left the house since she was stabbed by a student She has one deadbeat dad, one young cancer riddled prot g , and two friends, the school tramp and a depressed poetFiguring the numbers are against her, Lemon just can t be bothered trying to fit in She spurns fashion, television, and even the mall She reads Mary Wollstonecraft and gets pissed off that Jane Eyre is such a wimp Meanwhile, the adults in her life are all mired in self centredness, and the other kids are getting high, beating each other up in parks, and trying to outsex one another High school is misery, a trial run for an unhappy adulthood of bloated waistlines, bad sex, contradictions, and inequities, and nothing guidance counsellor Blecher can say will convince Lemon otherwiseBut making the choice to opt out of sex and violence and cancer and disappointment doesn t mean that these things don t find you It will be up to Lemon if she can survive them with her usual cavalier aplomb.

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  1. Lolly K Dandeneau Lolly K Dandeneau says:

    Lemon Epub ✓ Paperback lemon kindle, LemonLemon eBookI would have given a full 5 stars if not for the end of the novel, which wasn t bad I just wanted a little from it I understand people felt she was too mature and read like an adult than a teenager I have mixed emotions there Some felt the terrible things that happened to her were too many and therefore ridiculous but that isn t so There are real people young, old and in between that tragedy seems to nest in Lucky are those of us that tragedy only visits once, or not at all I do realize her views were mature, that she is jaded as only the elderly seem to be after a lifetime of disappointment but I did see flashes of immaturity as well, which made her character realistic A child wouldn t always know what to do or chose to help when something terrible is happening, even to a friend We all like to believe people always help each other but teens do have a tendency to

  2. Pam Bustin Pam Bustin says:

    Lemon Epub ✓ Paperback lemon kindle, LemonLemon eBookLemon will break your heart.I love this girl.I KNOW this girl.Heard an interview with Cordelia Strube on CBC radio and ran to my techno gizmo to put a hold on the ebook at the library Glad I did I hereby declare LEMON the first book of my 2013 Feminist Reads Challenge hosted by Sara over at The Hiding Spot.Lemon is a wise cracking, snarky smart girl who is incredibly lonely As with most smart arsed teenagers, she took a while to grow on me.As I began to read the book, it felt like she was just sort of shambling around Rambling around, being smart, kno

  3. Violet Violet says:

    Lemon Epub ✓ Paperback lemon kindle, LemonLemon eBookI didn t want to put it down I didn t want it to end.

  4. Magdelanye Magdelanye says:

    Lemon Epub ✓ Paperback lemon kindle, LemonLemon eBookTart and zesty, Cordelia Strubes Lemon offers an unusual coming of age story Limone, aka Lemon, our 16 year old heroine has observed the chaos and the hypocrisy firsthand Personally, she observes, I think telling the truth is overrated p18 Weapons aren t the issue Sick minds is p34 she concludes All that killing over religion makes no sense I guess the point is, it wasnt about religion but control p47 You re expe

  5. Pamela Pamela says:

    Lemon Epub ✓ Paperback lemon kindle, LemonLemon eBookview spoiler And so I finally come to the ENDING, where renewal is possible, Lemon learns and consolidates, is cynical and hopeful, remembers Kadylak without as much pain, and moves on as does her mother She s Drew, her step mother determined to come into the terminal

  6. ken ken says:

    Lemon Epub ✓ Paperback lemon kindle, LemonLemon eBookif someone put a gun to my head and said, write a freudian analysis for any book of your choosing, i d pick this novel for no reason other than it would be full of such content that i won t lack for evidence to analyze and since i m such a sucker for psychoanalysis, and since this book is just rife with such and

  7. Marianne Marianne says:

    Lemon Epub ✓ Paperback lemon kindle, LemonLemon eBookSad story about a young girl, that no one really cares for She puts up blocks to cover up her worries..

  8. Andrew Andrew says:

    Lemon Epub ✓ Paperback lemon kindle, LemonLemon eBook Why should you care I ask Unlike you, Lemon, I like to meet guys Do you actually want their dicks up in your snatch, Ross I ask Do you get some kind of power surge when they grab your tits or do you just want to be loved You should talk Everybody says you re a dyke That ll keep em off me We used to talk about other things than sex and guys We used to have confidence We spun cartwheels and handstands We got A s in math Lemon s saving herself for the ghost of Cary Grant, Tora says. From the back of the book The numbers are against Lemon three mothers, one deadbeat dad, one cancer ridden prot g , two friends, one tree hugging stepbrother and a 60 percent average In short, Lemon

  9. Claire Claire says:

    Lemon Epub ✓ Paperback lemon kindle, LemonLemon eBookLoved this book The character of Lemon is very well developed and so she became very real to me She has lived a troubled life, and has become cynical and black, but at the same time is very endearing She is the outsider in a world of the modern teenager and she describes her world in very blunt terms It is a harsh place Sh

  10. Tiffany Tiffany says:

    Lemon Epub ✓ Paperback lemon kindle, LemonLemon eBook Lemon wins my unofficial award for Most Surprising Turnaround At first I was outraged that I had bothered to pick it up, as I was greeted by yet another angsty and cynical adolescent voice that reminded me of that whiny asshole in Catcher in the Rye, which I thought was overrated and annoying But after the first 75 pages I could

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