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At Earth's Edge At Earth's Edge eBook ê At Earth's PDF/EPUB ² earth's ebok, edge free, At Earth's free, At Earth's EdgeAt Earth's Edge PDFTrue love transcends all boundaries even the ones we erect for ourselvesMan is an upstart species that was once welcomed by Aderyn s kind the Others Like At Earth's PDF/EPUB ² a weed, humans left much in ruin And the Others retreated behind an enchanted wall guarded by Keepers Aderyn is one such Keeper And Man s battles have reached her towerOwen, the nearly dead ex soldier she once found at her gates, is a different sort of man He didn t want anything except to give her flowers and make her laugh As he drank in her healing magic like life giving water, she drowned in his eyes She was taught to defend against Man s violence she was helpless in the face of his kindnessNow that she has had a taste of it, she would kill to keep itHer visions tell her it s only a matter of time before soldiers attack her boundary With no intention of failing her people or losing the man she loves she uses her magic to unleash an apparition with the power to decimate armiesBut there s a price to be paid in blood As the tide of it rises higher, everything she has fought for threatens to slip through her fingers Including Owen.

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