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  • Love Unwilling
  • Shirl Henke
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  • 15 April 2018
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  1. Regan Walker Regan Walker says:

    Paperback ñ Love Unwilling PDF/EPUB ✓ love download, unwilling ebok, Love UnwillingLove Unwilling MOBI4 and 1 2 Stars Old California masterfully brought to life through the loves of two brothers This was Henke s second book in the Old California Couplet Golden Lady was her first LOVE UNWILLING is really two romances in one and Henke presents them very w

  2. Al Al says:

    Paperback ñ Love Unwilling PDF/EPUB ✓ love download, unwilling ebok, Love UnwillingLove Unwilling MOBICan t get over the fact the hero is a cheating douse It totally goes against my one strike your out rule.

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Love UnwillingPaperback ñ Love Unwilling PDF/EPUB ✓ love download, unwilling ebok, Love UnwillingLove Unwilling MOBI A riveting historical romance that captivates the reader from the first page, Love Unwilling is the story of two men and the two women bound to them by destiny and passion who must struggle against the powerful force of their inheritance.

About the Author: Shirl Henke

Paperback ñ Love Unwilling PDF/EPUB ✓ love download, unwilling ebok, Love UnwillingLove Unwilling MOBI aka Alexa HuntWorking my way through college provided great life experiences for a novelist One problem I didn t know I was destined to write books Instead, I floundered around during and after receiving my BA and MA in history from the University of Missouri None of my wide variety of jobs satisfied me cashier for a loan company, public welfare caseworker, assistant circulation manager for a small daily, editor for several house organ newspapers, administrator of a federal information program for the elderlyFinally I was offered the opportunity to use my history degrees, teaching in a large urban university in the Northeast I truly enjoyed it Unfortunately, when the history requirement was dropped for incoming students, so was my instructorship After that I taught gerontology, sociology, proposal writing for social service agencies and freshman composition at the same university Further life experiences My last two years of teaching were in remedial English just the nudge I needed to take this writing thing seriouslySince childhood I ve been an avid reader, everything from Robert Heinlein s sci fi adventures to Frank Yerby s historical romantic sagas More recently I became hooked on thrillers Since childhood I had story ideas in my head, but never the epiphany to write them Okay, maybe I just didn t have the courage But there were just so many times I could explain what a verb was to a college senior before I realized that maybe writing a book might be easier I sold my first novel, a big historical romance titled GOLDEN LADY, to Warner Books in Within two years, I quit remedial comp Now I can t imagine doing anything but writing for a living In I switched over to the dark side Tor published two political thrillers, CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY and HOMELAND SECURITY under the pseudonym Alexa Hunt I ve also written romantic suspense for Penguin Onyx and Silhouette Bombshell as Shirl Henke Since I began my career, I ve appeared on the USA TODAY bestseller list, been a RITA Finalist twice, received a BookraK Bestseller Award, and won three Career Achievement Awards, an Industry Award and three Reviewers Choice Awards from Romantic TimesMy husband Jim Henke is a former cabdriver, bartender, sailor, judo instructor and English professor He s a scholarly authority on obscene slang and a master at its use, but an astonishingly understanding man who puts up with my all night writing sprees and sudden dashes to my desk to jot down bits of dialogue as dinner burns on the stove Since he took early retirement from academe, he has helped me brainstorm plots and research my novelsAfter four years in the US Air Force, our son Matt works in telecommunications and lives in an adjacent county with his brute of a cat, Max Jim and I now share our cedar house in the woods with a pair of utterly adorable tomcats, Inky and Pewter, whose destructive capacity rivals that of a medium sized thermonuclear weapon But just as life without writing would be unimaginable, so would life without catsFor therapy when I m not at the computer or off researching a new book, I cook large dinners for our extended family, putter in my garden and greenhouse, and still read voraciously When deadlines permit, I love to travel I m a member of the Author s Guild, Romance Writers of America, Missouri Romance Writers, Sisters in Crime, Novelists Inc and International Thriller WritersI wrote my first twenty two novels in longhand with a ball point pen it s hard to get good quills these days Dragged into the st century, I now use one of those devil machines Another troglodyte bites the dust.